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In India people are not aware how medical history can be useful to them for their proper & timely treatment. In many cases if family history is not knows Dr’s are not able to treat their patients well, to cure their illness and because of that treatment usually takes longer time than normal. If all these records are available at the time of treating a patient Dr’s can do miracles and they could play the role of God for the ailing patient.

Family medical history is a key to understand the route cause of the illness. Allergies, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Related problems and many more disease can be understood and cured if family history of the patient is known to the Dr. at the time of treatment.


Health Records

Due to very busy schedule Health professionals doesn’t have time to read or go thru all the documents available in patient history (all test reports, X-rays, CT scan, prescription etc). So we are providing him a summery sheet of all these reports in a proper format so he can easily see patient history for better treatment. It saves time of both (Doctor as well as Patient).

Share your report

In any case if user wants to share their medical history with doctor for consultancy or friends then he/she can easily share his history via email or via using by temporary url created by him.


If user have an allergy with any tablet or with any salt then he mentioned in their history so that in future doctor will not give that salt to the patient.